An innovative collaboration of visual and performing arts and education in the unique historic setting of the former DC prison.

Audrey Relene Schuster

Artist Medium

Acrylic, Watercolor

Artist's Statement

" As an artist, art therapist and teacher, I have taught and shown my work in the Washington DC area. I focus in on abstract acrylic painitings as well as do loosely painted watercolors. Color is very important to me in my work. Color heals and relaxes us or it stimulates and energizes us.
Nature and the natural world inspire me as nature heals and refreshes us. All is perfect in nature unless it is abused. The most perfect color is in nature"


A. Relene Schuster is an artist, and teacher creating multimedia works of art using watercolor, acrylic, pastel, charcoal and ink. . She has shown her work around the Washington metro area, receiving an Honorable Mention in a show in Virginia. Her artwork has also been featured on the cover of Agape Magazine. Brilliant colors and sensuous lines are the hallmark of her work. Mrs Schuster holds a Masters Degree in Art Therapy.