An innovative collaboration of visual and performing arts and education in the unique historic setting of the former DC prison.

Gloria Benedetto

Artist Medium

Oil, Pastel,Watercolor, Photography

Artist's Statement

Viewing an artist's work presents an opportunity, for a moment, to see through another's eyes or feel an emotion, to recognize that we are universally connected.


Gloria Benedetto is a studio artist in building 5, studio 510A of the Workhouse Arts Galleries. A credentialed teacher, she holds a Master's Degree from California State University.

While working in a variety of mediums, the majority of her work is traditional in style and painted in oils. Her subjects include pets, portraits, landscape and still life.

As a military dependent, she traveled the world; living in Morocco, Germany, Okinawa and several states in America. Gloria travels as much as possible, using photography to capture potential art subjects.

Her painting, 'Heading Home' was a juried selection for the 2013 Workhouse Arts Center calendar.