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Lorton Arts Foundation

Lorton Arts Foundation

The Lorton Arts Foundation, Inc. (LAF) was organized in October 2001 as a 501(c) 3 Virginia non‐profit organization to lead the transformation effort of turning the former Occoquan Workhouse Prison into a thriving world-class center for the arts, while preserving its rich architectural and cultural heritage. The Foundation executes its mission through the Workhouse Arts Center (the Workhouse). It promotes and supports the arts in Lorton, Fairfax, and neighboring counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Foundation's mission is "to enrich the lives of all within its reach by creating a vibrant cultural community that fosters a diverse offering of arts, education, social and entertainment experiences for people of all ages." Ten of 30 buildings on the 55‐acre campus on the grounds of a former prison have been re-adapted and are home to over 100 studio artists, an arts education outreach program, year‐round arts classes and concert series, film screenings, theatrical and dance performances.

The Foundation works in collaboration with other Fairfax County agencies and commissions, Fairfax County Schools and other arts organizations to provide an interactive arts experience to the community. The Workhouse has recently opened a café and a new art supply store on its campus. In 2011, a Premier Theatre, Children's Art and Education Center and Event and Conference Center will open to the public, enabling the Workhouse to further expand its programming and cultural offerings.

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